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Civil and Arbitration

RA seeks to support its Clients in situations of litigation, striving to find dynamic and innovative legal solutions for each specific case, both in the pre-litigation phase and in the litigation phase. Our team is also prepared to use alternative means of conflict resolution, such as arbitration, thus meeting the interests of each Client and the specific case.
Arbitration has been gaining ground in the world of what is commonly referred to as alternative means of dispute resolution.
Civil Litigation and Extrajudicial Conflict Resolution
The lawyers who work in this group have extensive experience, which covers most of the types of processes characteristic of so-called civil law.
Family and Succession Law
The RA made a determined commitment to sponsoring actions related to Family and Succession Law.
Insolvency and Corporate Recovery
Thanks to the current crisis, the Credit Recovery and Insolvency Unit has become a significant and growing commitment of RA.
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At RA, we have accumulated vast experience, encompassing most types of criminal law and administrative offenses instituted by regulatory authorities. We exercise intense sponsorship, especially in the context of so-called economic and financial crimes (whitecollar crimes).
Administrative Offenses Law
The Law of Mere Social Order or Counterordinational Law has an indisputable criminal aspect.
Because prevention is worth more than cure, compliance is now considered an essential sector in the development of business activity.
Criminal Litigation
At RA, we develop the areas of litigation, which are true matrix legal activities.
Economic Criminal Law
Criminal law is no longer what it used to be. In addition to traditional crimes, namely those committed against life, physical integrity, honor, and property, the Law included a wide range of crimes, which are commonly referred to as economic criminal law.
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Commercial and Corporate

RA has extensive experience and deep knowledge in the area of Commercial and Corporate Law. In this way, it guarantees its customers the most efficient solutions. Cooperating with various companies and corporate groups, it provides legal services within the scope of commercial contracts and legal support for the life of companies.
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
Decentralized technologies have gained extreme importance in the current national and international scene. In view of this, RA guarantees the monitoring of Clients on these issues, whether in the corporate area, regulation, compliance with tax obligations or sanctioning processes.
Commercial and Corporate Law
RA is dedicated to consulting companies, with a view to providing continuous, specialized legal advice adapted to each business model.
Corporate Projects and Services
RA supports its Clients in developing a business plan adapted to their needs and their financial perspectives.
Legal Regime for Private Security Activity
In this area, we provide advice regarding the highly regulated activity of private security and the organization of self-protection services.
M&A - Mergers and Acquisitions
RA advises its clients on carrying out or implementing corporate structures: transformations, mergers and spin-offs.
Private Equity & Private Wealth
RA has an experienced team in the area of investment and divestment in the area of private equity. We follow the various phases of investments, advising our Clients at all times, through a dynamic and multidisciplinary approach.
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RA provides legal support in various areas of Public Law, such as Public Procurement, Administrative Litigation and Arbitration, Expropriations, Health and Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Environment and Spatial Planning, and Urban Planning. We have a highly competent team, with a vast history of collaboration with public and private entities.
Administrative Litigation and Arbitration
The RA team has extensive procedural and arbitration experience. We provide advice in various administrative disputes related, for example, to audits, surveillance, concessions, and civil liability actions.
RA provides legal advice in the areas of the legislative process, the commercialization and distribution of electricity, and the development of regulatory models for the energy sector.
Environmental issues are raised, in a cross-cutting manner, in all areas of the economy.
RA has been active in the area of Expropriation Law, providing specialized advice to its Clients, whether they are expropriated individuals or expropriating entities.
Health and Pharmaceutical
RA, through the area of Health and Pharmaceutical Law, has followed the evolution of the sector and has provided legal advice to public and private entities in different aspects of their activity.
Health and Pharmaceutical Law
In the area of Health and Pharmaceutical Law, RA&A maintains a strong presence in the pharmaceutical industry, representing some of the largest pharmaceutical companies operating in Portugal.
Spatial Planning and Urbanism
In recent years, we have experienced great changes in urban space as well as in the tourism sector, with the development of new projects or important urban rehabilitation.
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With extensive and recognized experience in Labor Law, we evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis in accordance with national and international legislation. We rigorously advise and accompany our clients in the pre-judicial phase as well as before the labor courts, in defense of their rights, namely in the context of disciplinary proceedings, individual dismissal and collective dismissal, termination of jobs, merger and/or restructuring processes, transfers of contractual position, transfers of establishment, subcontracting and outsourcing, national and international transfers of workers, insolvency proceedings.
Collective Bargaining
In this area, we provide advice on the analysis, implementation, and preparation of proposals for the revision of collective labor regulation instruments, with extensive experience in interlocution with social partners, particularly in the context of negotiating amendments to collective labor agreements with them.
Labor Litigation
We have a history of extensive experience in judicial and labor and social security litigation, whose litigation is intended to be fair, without dogmas and with respect for the principle of equality between the parties, always in compliance with the applicable rules.
Work Relations
Labor relations are one of the areas of labor law that encompasses the individual relationship of workers (worker/employer), collective relations and the relations between the employer and the State. Our objective is to provide a strategic labor advisory service for the benefit of our Clients.
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The RA guarantees solid support that allows achieving solutions for all tax issues, regardless of their complexity. We advise both private clients and national and international companies, ensuring their representation in all tax matters.
Tax Consultancy
We provide legal advice and advice to our private clients or companies on all matters related to taxation, namely IRS, IRC, VAT or property taxes. We maintain an agile, focused and multidisciplinary team capable of developing tailor-made solutions for each Client.
Tax Dispute Resolution
We provide assistance and sponsor our Clients with the various public authorities (tax and social security) before the competent jurisdictions.
Tax Litigation
We accompany every stage of the tax process and procedure, including administrative, judicial, or arbitral defense.
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Sports Law has an increasing social importance. The RA team has a specialized and experienced team in the area of Sports Law, ensuring the interconnection of areas of law that intervene in the sports phenomenon, namely tax law, labor law, corporate law, litigation, intellectual property, European law and public law.
The RA provides legal services to all sports agents, namely, athletes, clubs, professional leagues and sports clubs.
Sports Litigation and Dispute Resolution
RA has extensive experience in arbitrating sports disputes before domestic and foreign regulatory entities and courts, as well as issuing opinions.
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Real Estate, Construction and Tourism

The Real Estate, Construction and Tourism area of RA plays a significant role in shaping the economic scenario of society. Our Lawyers have a deep understanding of the legal issues that arise and are aware of the complex regulations that govern these sectors. RA's Real Estate, Construction and Tourism team provides comprehensive advice on the monitoring of real estate transactions, on the urban planning of real estate, on the promotion of construction projects, on financing and leasing, on the corporate, tax and real estate structure of the investment, on the negotiation and execution of contract contracts and on real estate investment vehicles.
Real Estate and Construction Law
We offer our clients a multifaceted team, integrating all legal practices relevant to the specific real estate operation or transaction.
Tourism Law
We have a team of specialized lawyers with extensive experience in the Tourism Sector, providing legal support and accompanying their Clients from the beginning of their tourist enterprises and hotel units.
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TMT, Privacy and Personal Data Protection

RA has been following the evolution of the times and the economic transformations they brought. We provide legal advice to national and international clients, being able to accept the challenges of each jurisdiction that this new era proposes to us.
Data protection and TMT
RA&A has specialized lawyers with extensive experience in Data Protection.