February 9, 2023

Flash: The Assumption and Update of Multi-Year Commitments

Public Procurement

On February 08, 2023, in the Official Gazette — Series I, Decree-Law No. 10/2023, which establishes the rules for the execution of the State Budget for 2023, approved by Law No. 24-D/2022, of December 30 (State Budget Act), was published.

Among the provisions enshrined for budget execution in 2023, there are rules relating to the assumption and updating of multiannual commitments by contracting entities.

The purpose of this Flash is to explain, without pretending to be exhaustive, the content of the rules set out in articles 45 (“Assumption of multiannual commitments”), 46 (“Assumption of multiannual commitments relating to contracts financed by European funds”), 47 (“Assumption of multiannual commitments relating to contracts financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund, the Cohesion Fund and the Fund for a Just Transition”), 48 (“Assumption of multiannual commitments relating to expenditure appellant”) and 49º (“Specific provisions for the conclusion of contracts for the purchase of goods and services”).


Do Que Se Fala, Afinal, Quando Se Fala De Justiça?

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