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For the strong and determined defense of our Clients' rights.

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ROGÉRIO ALVES & ASSOCIADOS - LAW FIRM began its activity on September 1st, 2013.

Our motto: the strong and determined defense of our Clients' rights. This statement unifies the sole reason of being a lawyer. To advise our Clients, in a competent, permanent and attentive manner, on how to best fulfill their rights and comply with their duties. To choose preemption legal advice as centerpiece of dispute resolution. This is also one of the various aspects of the activity of our lawyers. For a strong and forthright defense of our Clients' interests entrusted to us, wherever it matters.

Our firm is formed by the confluence of several lawyers, their love for the profession and their individual track-record. This is what we put forth for our Clients. Because that is our goal.

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The Firm

Honoring the Values of our Profession

It is known that Voltaire said that he would have liked to become a lawyer because, for him, law was the most beautiful profession in the world.

At ROGÉRIO ALVES & ASSCIADOS - LAW FIRM, we understand and agree with Voltaire. The lawyer is the one who assists, advises, defends and protects all those in need of assistance, counseling, defense and protection.

The lawyer ensures the rule of law and the rights' status, in the particular aspects of every citizen's life, every business and every institution. So that rights are not just empty words. These are the watermarks of our firm. To uphold the law in all its aspects. To scrupulously abide with professional ethics. To defend without boundaries the rights we are entrusted to. To meet Ulpiano's words, by which Law is summarized in living honestly, not offending anyone and in granting each one with their own rights.

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